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Speaking about translation there are different opinions around. I often hear statements like „What do you need a translator for? Nowadays, it’s possible to translate your text with special software! The only thing you need is to type in the source text, choose the target language and that’s it….. the translation is done.“.
During my experience that goes back more than 20 years some clients applied to me for the correction of such translations. Henceforth, I do not accept this type of requests anymore, because they take me too much time and jangle my nerves. It is easier to translate a text from the beginning.

The translation activity requires a lot of intuition and, depending on the field, also accurate reasearch. This work needs time. Each translation has its particularities. This needs additional time. As I prefer quality to quantity, I sometimes cannot accept translations with short deadlines.

Since 1997, the year I registered to the Translators‘ and Interpreters‘ Registry of the Chamber of Commerce in Pescara, I have mainly been translating from German to Italian and viceversa; or from English to German and Italian.

The fields which I translate for are the following: financial, insurance and legal sector, economy and commerce, pedagogy and didatics, tourism and personal documents, like school reports, passports and so on. If you like to have a look at one of my website translations into German, please clic here


The prices for translation vary according to the quantity and field of translation. The basic price is 1 € per line. (1 line = 50 character

Legalized translation will be invoiced according to §11 JVEG (remuneration for legal translation act).

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